A collection of NFTs with a higher staking percentage

The limited collection of SNFTs on the TONG blockchain allows not only to receive increased staking of the TNG cryptocurrency, but also to create new SNFTs

Uniqueness of SNFT

SNFT is NFT on the Tong blockchain SNFTs - allow their owners not only to receive increased staking from 7% to 30% per month, but also to create new SNFTs


Generated SNFTs can be put up for auction. The starting price is equal to the price of the accumulated staking.

Creation of new SNFTs

SNFT 7% create SNFT 8% SNFT 8% create SNFT 9% SNFT 9% create SNFT 10% SNFT 10% create SNFT 11% SNFT 11% create SNFT 12% SNFT 12% create SNFT 13% SNFT 13% create SNFT 14% SNFT 14% create SNFT 15% SNFT 15% create SNFT 16% And so on up to SNFT 30% 

Profit distribution

The owner who sold the new SNFT at the auction receives: • 100% staking mined during the period of owning your SNFT • 20% of excess profit • 40% of excess profit is distributed in accordance with the bonus program